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Why Now?

You are most likely paying more than you need to operate your home, and with utility deregulation looming, these costs are predicted to increase by double digits.

Did You Know:

Improving your home's energy efficiency will not only save you money and energy but also increase your home's value. Every dollar saved in annual energy bills translates into a $20 increase in property value - Journal of Appraisers.

What You Get:

This report is filled with wonderful information. We were able to reduce our utility costs by 20% as a result.

Kathleen R. - Philadelphia, PA
This information empowered me to make a positive change. I am now taking steps to save money, energy and the environment.

Jerry T. - San Diego, CA
Free Bonus Offer:

Purchase your Home Efficiency Dashboard + Report today and receive TWO free bonus items:

  1. $100 Discount Coupon good towards a Home Efficiency Checkup, which is an energy audit that guarantees to save you a minimum of $500 a year while making your home healthier and more energy efficient.
  2. Our Eco Family Guide, a twelve page resource that includes "green" tips for both parents and children.
Get Your Home Efficiency Report
How It Works:

The Home Efficiency Report has been created by a team of energy experts, including RESENT and Building Performance Institute (BPI) Certified Energy Auditors as well as Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Accredited Professionals. All of the data is based on industry standard formulas such as the Home Heating Index, Base Load Electric and Base Water Usage. The dashboard allows you to see how your home compares to other homes across the country and is the most cost-effective “primer” for reducing energy costs, since in-home energy audits cost $400 or more. The complete Home Efficiency Report costs only $14.95 and helps you save money and the environment. After the first month of free monitoring, $1.95 will charged to your credit card each month unless you cancel. With this service, you can also monitor and update your dashboard plus receive access to our energy experts via a live forum – you may cancel at any time. See example.

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